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Eternalizing my thoughts through writing.

I stood still breath-taken to behold
Hidden mysteries in the landscape
More than was in lore foretold.
From overwhelm to find escape-
Taking a sip of dewy air so cold
And feeling the rising on my nape
Into the mist that lain the mountains a shroud
I poured all of my sorrow out loud.

A poem

Photo by Alex Ivashenko on Unsplash

I can’t seem to remember
Were the walls papered blue
With tiny flowers thereupon?
My memories are irregular.

About this place, I used to call home.

I can’t point to pins on maps
Don’t recall the address
Then, my imagination steps in
To fill in the vacant gaps.

About this…

Thank you Mariam for your kind words.

This has been a very humbling experience for me, and writing about it helps find a way out for my anguish.

I am an international student living away from home. This is my opinion on the vaccine wedge.

Every day, I scroll through different websites providing information on visas, vaccine acceptance, quarantine rules, PCR test requirements. I am not looking for a way to travel for fun or leisure, but simply…

Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash

A cobweb closed in on her
- Ugh, a sticky strangle.
Be civilized, they said.
“Here, wear this bangle.”

Teach her how to live!
It's the only way. They said,
“Make your skirts longer,
And your colors, milder.”

“Uh oh, smile, please —
Na ah, not too much.
Don’t dance…

Photo by Melissa Westbrook on Unsplash

(Just a tiny lyrical free verse I wrote speaking of a woman who’s made it on her own.)

She’s got a glow
Even on a low
She may be sweet as a sugar
But, you got nothin’ to give her
For she’s on her own.
She’s on her own.

Her mind’s alright
Free from all that weight.
She walks her own way…
To you, she got nothin’ to say
For she’s on her own.
She’s on her own.

Her path stretches ahead,
For glory, they said
She wears an invisible crown
Oh, you got much to learn
For she’s on her own.
That's right. She’s on her own.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The human mind is a landscape for emotions, ideas, and thoughts that come in varying dimensions.

In this canvas, I see an ever-present contrast — one part that is methodical and works on “to-do” lists and the other which simply wants to enjoy the little joys we find like catching…

A poem

Photo by Dulcineia Dias on Unsplash

Flowers that grow together
Must still blossom alone.
Even as one’s petals unfurl
Are others yet — in quiet fold.

And so — buds lying latent
Closed as may seem,
Yet hold within oceans
Of secrets, none can know.

Find charm in a spray,
And, also in the incipient.
Perhaps a decade to go —
She’s biding her time, patient.

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

Weeks go past unnoticed
At times months and years
Undeviating from the mundane
As your creativity aestivates –
Looks for sustenance, and,
Yearns to be inspired.
You sit by the brook,
You stare through the walls.
Yet, not a word to find
No matter how long the grind.

Then, there…

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

When jealousy, deceit, anger, resentment, envy,
hatred, hope, faith, belief, wanting, needing,
loneliness, desire, and loathing become too much to bear,
When you can no longer wake up to run — to compete
And to prove yourself in a race so futile
What remains with you is only kindness.


Ananya Ashok

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