Eternalizing my thoughts through writing.

I stood still breath-taken to behold
Hidden mysteries in the landscape
More than was in lore foretold.
From overwhelm to find escape-
Taking a sip of dewy air so cold
And feeling the rising on my nape
Into the mist that lain the mountains a shroud
I poured all of my sorrow out loud.

Photo by Melissa Westbrook on Unsplash

(Just a tiny lyrical free verse I wrote speaking of a woman who’s made it on her own.)

She’s got a glow
Even on a low
She may be sweet as a sugar
But, you got nothin’ to give her
For she’s on her own.
She’s on her own.

Her mind’s alright
Free from all that weight.
She walks her own way…
To you, she got nothin’ to say
For she’s on her own.
She’s on her own.

Her path stretches ahead,
For glory, they said
She wears an invisible crown
Oh, you got much to learn
For she’s on her own.
That's right. She’s on her own.

A poem

Photo by Dulcineia Dias on Unsplash

Flowers that grow together
Must still blossom alone.
Even as one’s petals unfurl
Are others yet — in quiet fold.

And so — buds lying latent
Closed as may seem,
Yet hold within oceans
Of secrets, none can know.

Find charm in a spray,
And, also in the incipient.
Perhaps a decade to go —
She’s biding her time, patient.

Ananya Ashok

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